The Importance Of Computer And Network Security

Companies in today’s world withhold vast amounts of confidential information in their online servers and networks, which is vulnerable to attacks and hacks. In April 2011, hackers managed to penetrate Sony’s information systems, stealing personal information, passwords and credit card details of 77 million users. In October 2013, information from 2.9 million Adobe users well as source codes for their products were stolen by hackers that managed to infiltrate their computer network. Just last month, Ebay also had their system hacked into. The infiltrators gained access to Ebay’s database which contained customer details, passwords and credit card information. Ebay only discovered the breach of security 2 months after and urged all customers to change their account information. Such attacks are increasingly common in the news today, sending companies and their customers scrambling for solutions that can protect their confidential information. 

Due to the transparency of computer networks and availability of information on servers, hackers are able to penetrate servers across borders and obtain private information. Even though servers and networks may be protected and hidden by security or encryption systems, hackers are able to circumvent security passwords by using codes and viruses. What is most unsettling about this issue is that companies and consumers have no idea how viruses work and what better way to secure their information. Hackers also work under the veil of anonymity and legal authorities struggle to identify or capture them. This only makes modern consumers feel more insecure about giving their personal information to trusted IT companies. As in the example of Ebay, theft of information can also go undiscovered until much later as information can be easily duplicated and does not physically disappear. Hackers that leave little evidence of their actions are almost impossible to trace and companies may only discover the breach many months after. 

CISCO’s netflow software is specifically targeted at solving such issues by capturing traffic information from different routers and terminals. Monitoring the information captured enables analysts and managed service providers Sydney to implement network anomaly detection using the information captured. If the security of the computer network has been breached, technicians will be able to observe anomalies in traffic information and will be able to discover the source of the virus or threat. Companies simply have to ensure that their netflow configurations are appropriately set up to facilitate network anomaly detection. CISCO’s netflow functionality is one of the best in the industry that is used in many industries. It is the most widely used software in the accounting industry as accounting firms have to deal with a lot of highly confidential and valuable information that is the target of internet thieves. 

It is a company’s obligation to protect their client’s information and they have a responsibility to ensure that information only reaches those that have clearance to handle the information. Netflow functionality is a tool that companies simply cannot live without in today’s world where the threat of network or computer infiltration is extremely high.